I am a Melbourne based architect, writer and illustrator with illustration work concentrating on story-telling, narrative comics and gag comic formats.

The Bendigo Pub Project of Oscar Lago

A Short Lifetime on Rooftops is the first instalment of a sprawling comic narrative currently under production, called The Bendigo Pub Project of Oscar Lago.

A Short Lifetime on Rooftops centres around a teenager Russ who ponders life and all its mysteries from the rooftops of Bendigo.

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The Bendigo depicted in A Short Lifetime on Rooftops brings out some subtleties of experience that many casual observers may not have noted.  Pub guidebooks are an indispensable artefact of the local intelligentsia, every Bendigo pub serves a custom brew named after an R.E.M. song and the Whipstick sound is the most important movement in the history of popular music.

The True History of the Whipstick Sound follows on from A Short Lifetime on Rooftops and depicts Russ’s friend Seymour making a school documentary about the Whipstick sound.

When Bendigo Blackbirds Sing is the third instalment of The Bendigo Pub Project of Oscar Lago and tells of the sudden appearance of large numbers of big black birds on the rooftops of Bendigo.

The Chant of the Big Black Birds of Bendigo follows on from When Bendigo Blackbirds Sing and continues the story of the big black birds.  It i. being released in September 2019

Other projects

Finishing touches are being completed on El Cipotegato de Tarazona an illustrated bi-lingual (English-Spanish) story based on the adventures of a folkloric figure from Tarazona, a small city in Western Aragon, Spain.  The story is aimed at children and will be seeking publication shortly.

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