Greater City, Greater Love

I’m  excited about the release of Fountaineer’s ‘Greater City, Greater Love’ album … the illustrations I’ve done for them appear as a limited edition zine available with the vinyl, go to for a look and listen. Congratulations to all involved, the album’s come together beautifully.

Also I’m just completing the finishing touches to ‘When Bendigo Blackbirds Sing’ which will be available in mid-August … here’s a peek…

When Bendigo Blackbirds Sing

The next installment in The Bendigo Pub Project of Oscar Lago is in the final stages of production, due for release in July 2017, titled ‘When Bendigo Blackbirds Sing’. Expect to find within more news of the revival of The Whipstick Sound, and, if the title hasn’t given it away, more about those big black birds.